What books mean to me

What books mean to me:
The reason you don’t see many teenage readers these days is because most teenagers are using things such as music, friends, or partying to help them cope with the difficulties of High School. What they don’t realize is that reading books is another outlet that could help, not only to adjust their emotional states, but also to help them in school.
Growing up in a rough neighborhood with my single teenage mom was hard. I found that when I was down, scared, or just wanted to get away, I could pick up a book and disappear into that world, even if only for a little while.
After losing my grandpa to suicide, I was very lost and hurt, and I remember my grandma handing me a book shortly after. The last thing I wanted to do at this time was read. When I finally read the back cover, I was really upset because the book was about suicide. The best about my grandma though is that she always seems to know what I need before I do.
So I picked the book up and read for hours on end that day. I’m not going to lie, this book is brutally honest. I cried many times as I read it, but, in the end, the book related to my situation and actually made me feel better. I got to read about a subject that most people are afraid to talk about. I found my understanding and an end to the turmoil I was feeling by reading this book.
I firmly believe books can change a point of view and mend a broken heart. I think that words can be louder than actions sometimes.


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