Book Review

13 Reasons Why:


With his flawed but truthful book, “13 Reasons Why”, Jay Asher tells the reality of living in a cruel world. A teenage girl wanting only to fit in is harshly betrayed by her peers that she had hoped to call “friends.” This story is unique because it is written in first person, by a boy named Clay, who is trying to figure out why a girl named Hannah would take her life. What Clay learns about what happened to Hannah changes him forever. He realizes that Hannah is already gone and that there isn’t going to be a happy ending to her story.

The “Thirteen Reasons” are the thirteen people that led Hannah to commit suicide. The Popular girl and even the nice guy who doesn’t intervene ultimately play a role in her decision.  Bullying, gossip, parental neglect, and even sexual assault are touched on as we, like Clay, try to unravel the “tight and emotional ball” of peer cruelty that led a bright, happy young woman like Hannah to suicide.   


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